About me:




Paalke Demmer and Paula Dietrich. We are actually the same person. After marrying my husband, my last name changed into Dietrich. And my first name: Well, Paalke seems to be a unique name, even in the north of Germany. Thus it is a challenge for people to understand and pronounce it correctly. You can imagine that it gets even more complicated here in the US. So I am simply Paula here- and love it.

I was born and grew up in a small town in the north of Germany, at the Northern Sea. Then I have lived for a long time in Cologne, where I studied and worked as a teacher.

Photography has always fascinated me. I started taking pictures when I was a kid. Back in Cologne, I took my first photography classes. Then I continued studying photography here in KC, at the Kansas City Art Institute. I am lucky to be surrounded by friends, photographers and mentors, who inspire me and encourage me on my way.

While I am excited to experiment and work on new projects, I can say that I found my own style and passion: I love faces and the people and stories behind them. Thus my main work focuses on portrait photography- lifestyle, environmental and beauty. I am working with adults, families, children and babies.

Furthermore, I am experienced in photographing celebrations, like weddings, baptisms, adoptions etc.

My business would not be the same without my husband. He supports me in all technical and financial matters and has the first critical look at my edits. Thanks so much!

I am excited to meet you and help to tell your unique story. Please get in touch and don`  t forget to stop by on Facebook and Instagram. See you soon.

- Paula.





Photo by Stevie Haas